What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file, stored in your computer, which registers information on your browsing when you visit a site. This information contains in particular a unique identifier which allows to recognize you during a new visit on our site, a deadline of expiration (maximum 13 months) in the stemming from which your consent will again be requested, the parameters of your language...

To what are of use cookies and in who are they intended?

Cookies serve to collect information of browsing when you consult our site. They aim at facilitating and at improving your comfort of browsing.
They can be emitted by thirds through advertising contents on the site and serve to determine advertisements susceptible to correspond to your centers of interest or through buttons of sharing on the social networks which can so associate this display with your profile and adapt their contents according to your browsing.

How to block cookies?

You can choose to block cookies by modifying the parameters of your Internet browser and by proceeding as follows:


--> Choose the menu "Tools" then "Options"
--> Select the tab "Private life"
--> Sections "Cookies" and select your options

Internet Explorer:

--> Choose the menu "Tools" then "internet Options"
--> Select the tab "Confidentiality"
--> Select the level wished by means of the cursor

Google Chrome:

--> In the Chrome menu, select "Parameters"
--> Click on "shown the advanced parameters"
--> In the section "Confidentiality", click " Parameters of contents"
--> Section "cookies" and select your options


--> In the menu, choose "Safari" then "Preferences"
--> Click "Confidentiality"
--> Select your options


--> "Preferences" then "Advanced"
--> Select "Cookies"

Note that any configuration can have consequences on your internet browsing.