IT park take-back

IT broker, we are specialized in the recovery and the resale of second hand computer and phone hardware.

Repurchase of your equipmenticon

Lcb Informatique values your computer and phone equipment with custom-made solutions.
We buy back and value your desktop computers, laptop PCs, screens, phone equipments, servers, printers, peripherals, etc...

To propose to you a solution of resumption and processing of your computer equipment, you just have to supply to us the following informations:
  • - Detailed list of the equipment to be taken back
  • The state of the equipment
  • - Packaging of the equipment
  • Place of the removal
You can contact us by phone, email, or via our form of contact form of contact

Valuation and quotationicon

After study of the detailed list of your equipment, we shall transmit you, in return, a calculated proposal of purchase.
Our takeover bid takes into account of:
  • - The age of machines
  • - Their performances and technical characteristics
  • - Their general state
  • Quantities to be taken back
  • Logistic constraints
The basis of valuation is defined by the organization "Computer Broker Exchange" (CBE).
CBE is the most important professional marketplace to the world on which the majority of the market players propose the equipments taken back from their customers.


Lcb Informatique makes a commitment to take care of all the logistics of your equipment, until the removal.
We intervene in France and in Europe.

Audit and refurbishingicon

After reception in our places, we proceed to the inventory of the equipment. Our service workshop verifies its functioning, references it and erases your data.

What does it become then?
  • - The recent systems are valued via the CBE and pursue their life in refurbished equipments.
  • - The less recent systems serve to feed the stock of devices and spare parts necessary for certain Upgrade of machine and for the maintenance.
  • - The obsolete systems are confided to partners, approved centers "Recycling of computer hardware", according to the current regulations DEEE. The DEEE is waste electrical and electronic equipments. This term groups all the objects or the components which work electrically and which are intended to be thrown.